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Coaching Tip From Blue Elam In Bear

We get a lot of coaching questions in the course of our day. Following is an answer to a frequently asked question we get all the time for coach Blue Elam. Let us know if this was helpful…

QUESTION: I Have Someone In My Downline That I Want To Move. Why Is It Necessary To Fill Out “Change Of Sponsor” And/Or “Change Of Enroller” Forms With All Those Signatures?

ANSWER: This is a very meaningful question; important for everyone to understand.

These forms need to be completed because of the very unique “opportunity” that LifeVantage offers each of its distributors within a marketing organization. When prospects are enrolled, they not only become a customer or a distributor for LifeVantage, they are placed into a position within the enrollment or placement tree so that multi-tears are paid out in the process.

You know, one level pays out 2%, the next level 5%, 9% and so on. Well, when you change someone’s placement or enrollment, it also changes who gets paid at each level in the tree.

For instance, moving someone up one position will move the payout percentage up one level for everyone and remove a payout to the person at the bottom of the tree; moving them down, moves the level of payout down for each level and remove payout to people at the top of the tree. If you do that and an affected distributor loses a percentage or is moved out of the payout all together, they can be unhappy.

However, if they have “signed” a form consenting to the move, there is nothing that they can do and everyone, including the Company is protected. If they have not signed such a form, they have a credible complaint – and they submit it to the Compliance Department.

That is why it is not just important, but imperative that the forms are appropriately filled in with the needed signatures each time a move is made!

There you have it. Another great answer from our great coaches including coach Blue Elam. If you are in Bear give us a call and let us help you get your network marketing business off the ground and running at peak performance. See the details below…


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